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Pho 17 is a Vietnamese rice and noodle house hosted by Finnish-Vietnamese chef Ngoc Le at Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki. Her menu creations are inspired from cities of Vietnam, her hometown in Ben Tre and her adulthood in Saigon, and her Finnish-Vietnamese family traditions. Chef Le believes that the essence of food is to tell the cultures of the ones making it, and to celebrate them in the most caring ways. Every early morning, our meals are wholeheartedly hand-prepared by chef Le in her unique intimate home-cooked style. Later in the day, chef Le would personally greet the customers to her house and delight them with her signature home-cooked dishes *

* Chef Le's signature dishes: one-meal courses daily curry, Pho noodle soup, and Saigon rice and salad noodle, and grab-and-go snacks summer and spring rolls, Banh Mi bread, and Banh Bao bun and taco



In Vietnam, food businesses traditionally pick their names by joining their most favorite dishes with their address numbers. Pho 17 was born accordingly from the Vietnamese traditional “Pho” soup and the house number “17” as a well brew of the restaurant's speciality and its local “Pitskun” color.


In old Vietnamese folklore, the superstitious symbol “17” also implies luck, harmony and prosperity. We believe it will sow many good deeds for the community, or its slightest forms, simply good food and good mood.

We would love to keep you interested through personal contacts and humane experiences. Our identity is most favourably observed not by labels, titles or ratings granted. We truly appreciate anyone who choose to know us in an unbiased generous way.

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